Got Milk?

This article originally appeared in the Autumn 2018 issue of South Carolina FarmerThe Magazine of the South Carolina Farm Bureau Federation

When new products hit the shelf sometimes we for some reason mistake them as better than their predecessors. As a dietitian, I am often asked, “shouldn’t I be drinking {insert alternative milk beverage here}.” As more and more alternative milk beverages have been introduced on the market it’s easy to believe that these products are somehow better than the cows milk they are supposed to be mimicking. The dairy aisle at the grocery store now is stocked with milk made from almonds, soybeans, coconuts, cashews, hemp, rice, and peas. Although these beverages share the same name, they do not share the same nutrient content. 

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Harvest Meals 2018

Corn silage harvest is over a month behind us and I’m finally getting my notes together about this year’s lunch meals! If y’all were following along on instagram, you saw that I helped to feed our hungry crew through out the week. I wanted to put all of the meals in one place so that y’all can reference them for your own harvest meals (and for my own reference too!) I made a few notes about where I bought certain things, what was homemade vs premade and a little feedback from the crew too.

Day 1


  • Sub sandwich with ham, cheese, mustard, mayo
  • Veggie sticks & ranch dressing
  • Apple
  • Potato salad – premade from Walmart
  • Lance Crackers

Farmer Feedback: Perfect amount of food, but unlikely that everybody ate the veggies. Dietitian Feedback: Easy to prepare and could be done ahead of time (early morning) and stored in the fridge until lunch time as nothing needs to be served hot.    Continue reading

Simple Sustainable Swaps


👈🏼 Gatorade & Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (picked up at the gas station mid-morning)

👉🏼V8 Energy & Ritz Peanut Butter Crackers (grabbed on the way out the door at 6:30am)


Before we got married my husband NEVER ate breakfast. He didn’t see the value in waking up any earlier than necessary to make something to eat so mid-morning he would stop by the gas station for a gatorade and a candy bar.  Continue reading