Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream Cake

My husband was born with a very selective sweet tooth. He doesn’t get very excited about cookies, cakes or brownies but boy oh boy does he love some ice cream. We celebrated his birthday last weekend with this ice cream cake. One of the reasons this ice cream cake is so good is because of the quality of the ice cream. I grew up in Maine and was completely spoiled living so close to Gifford’s Ice Cream. When it came time to choose a wedding dessert that my husband would like (and would also be gluten free for me) it just made sense to serve Gifford’s Ice Cream. A few months after our wedding we found out that Lowe’s Foods (about 45 minutes from us) starting carrying 1 quart containers of Gifford’s! We shared a quart of Moose Tracks for our one-year anniversary and it just made sense to use this ice cream for a special occasion like his birthday too!  Continue reading